Fuller – Sidcup v Lewisham Match Report

Captain’s Report
Sidcup v Lewisham
Played at Lewisham on Wednesday 18th November 2009

Last Wednesday our Fuller team lost to Lewisham.

The game was played away at Catford Cricket Club in their Pavilion where we were playing black on boards 1 & 3 and both boards 1 & 3 lost.

Board 2 finished first when I (Keith Thompson) accepted a draw from a position which I thought was going to be hard to win; neither of us making any grave errors in the game. My only chance came on move 17 when I could have played a pawn move to g4 which could have given me a pawn up. I saw the move but having lost a bad game the previous week decided that my confidence was at a low and needed to play safely. COnsequently, I didn’t want to take too many chances, where playing g4 could have led to opening my king to attacks which I did not feel confident of repelling. So the game petered out into a draw which at the time I thought may be quite good.

Then unfortunately, Ken (playing on board 1) made an error in castling on move 18, which immediately lost him a pawn and he went on to lose in 27 moves to Ian Moody.

Stephen Moon then lost, surprisingly, to Ken Smith.

Lastly, Peter Houching then won a fine game (which at one stage looked as though it was heading for a draw) playing an endgame in which he created a passed pawn which black was not able to stop from queening. He won the game after a hard 58 moves played.

Keith Thompson

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