Fuller – Sidcup v Petts Wood Match Report

Captains Report
Petts Wood v Sidcup
Played at Petts Wood on Friday 6th November 2009

Sidcup had a good win against a good Petts Wood side, which on paper looked a very evenly matched game; the average rating being only 1 point difference with Sidcup 104 against 103.

After winning the toss, Jack Hollands (board 1) decided to play black. Sidcup got off to a good start after about 1 hour’s play when Keith Thompson (white) won the first game in 36 moves on board 2 and Stephen Moon (black) won on board 3 about 10 minutes later.

The win for Sidcup looked on the cards; it was just a question by how much the margin was going to be.

Peter Houching’s (white) game on board 4 could have turned out very differently if Roy Ellis (Petts Wood) had taken advantage of an early mistake by Peter on move 11. After Roy missed this chance, Peter fought his way back into the game and in the end could have won it. Peter finally secured the win for Sidcup accepting a draw (from what looked like an advantage for white with a pawn up) to give the half point Sidcup needed to take home the win for the team.

Jack Hollands drew the last match on board 1 after what was a 2 hour struggle of 64 moves, finishing at 10.30pm with only the 2 Kings, a rook and a pawn each, on the board.

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