Team News 10.11.12

Our Sidcup 2 team played their third match of the season against Lewisham 6 which ended up in a 2-2 draw, gaining our first point of the season. It was a bit disappointing as we were hoping for a win.

Ken Grist (playing on board 4) was the first to gain a half point in drawing with Martin Stone. Then Leon performed what is becoming a guaranteed act on board 2 and won a point for us. Then, unfortunately, Dennis lost in a hard match against Delroy Bennet.

The last match to finish the evening was the closest and most exciting when Ken Smith (playing against Michael Knight) gained the draw we needed on the night for our first point of the season. Playing black, he was in a winning position but time was running out for him and the flag on his clock was seconds away from falling therefore losing the match but by repeating a position 3 times, the game ended in a draw. I am sure that if the time had not been a factor, he would have gained a full point for us. The game started in an unusual Queen’s Fianchetto opening after move 5 for both players. I can only find 1 other game played out of a 4 million game database which was played in 2002 by Navis as white and Poobalasingam as black, who went on to win in 33 moves.

I attach part of the game between Ken and Mike taken from Ken’s move list but unfortunately because he was in time trouble at the end, the score is not complete and the moves only can go to move 35. After that, he did manage to get the pawn on d4 home to be a queen and rook up at the end with having to swap his other rook for white’s queening pawn on b8. At the end, he was up a queen and rook against a bishop and knight with pawns being equal, but the three white pawns covering white’s king were stopping black from winning.

Keith Thompson

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