Team News 19.11.12

Sidcup 2 played Petts Wood 4 on Friday night and secured their first win of the season. The evening started off well with Ian Reeve beating a young Siyang Xu. It is always difficult playing youngsters as they improve so quickly and the ratings they are given at the start of the seasons can leap dramatically during it. However, Ian coped with him well and won in 48 moves (see below).

The next game to finish was my loss against Phil Wheeler. I am having a very bad season with four out of four losses and not a win in sight. I at least had a small advantage in this game and lost in my usual fashion of making a silly blunder in the middle game (see games below).

Ken asked the score and when I said we were drawing at one each, he looked at Ken Smith’s game who was in a very commanding position against Phil Easthope and offered a draw to his opponent Roger Blundell, who accepted his offer. This put us in a very good position as Ken was well up and had plenty of time to make it count. He duly went on to secure the full point for us.

Keith Thompson

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