Harvey Cup 12.12.12

David Helps won his game for Sidcup in the Harvey Cup last week. That in itself should be no surprise. David’s unbeaten run in the Kent League stretches back to February 2009. That’s coming-up for four years. During that period he has played19 games winning ten and drawing nine, while his ECF grade has risen from 102 to 143.

On Wednesday night the game begun as a Four Knights Symmetrical English but soon transposed into a sort of Tarrasch Defence. In the middle game David playing Black loses a pawn, but gains some compensation by placing his dark squared Bishop on the long a1-h8 diagonal. David gradually creates activity for his Rooks, establishes a Rook and Bishop on the second rank, and marches his c pawn down the board. With David in complete control, he misses a mating combination at move 48, but the long route is still winning and his opponent eventually resigns a Queen down.

David Helps

David Gilbert

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