Sidcup v Snodland – Tom Fuller Semi-Final Report

Sidcup were finally knocked out of the Tom Fuller at the semi-final stage against a strong Snodland side. For a while, despite Snodland loading top boards with stronger grades, we looked like we might get a result. However David Gilbert on board 1 conceded after blundering a rook whilst in a good position and with his opponent very short of time. The temptation to play quickly when an opponent is in time trouble has been the undoing of many of us.

Following this, Chris Cheesman managed to win on board 4 and maintain his 100% record in the competition.

Sadly Peter Houching finally lost a tight game on board 3 which meant even if the other game was won we would lose on board count.

Lee Brockwell (on board 2) was eventually forced to accept a draw despite being a bishop and pawn up, in an end game in which his opponent only had a king left. The game is useful for anyone like me, who assumed that you must be able to queen the pawn and win in that situation. However I now know that’s not the case, and the key determining factors are which file the pawn is on and which colour square the bishop is on. All the more frustrating as I could have taken numerous other routes to winning the game.

See the game below to understand the issue and maybe avoid this happening to you!

Thanks to all those who have played for this team during the year and supported me as captain. Much appreciated.

Lee Brockwell

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