En Passant Team Update 14.2.14

Previously I’d reported we were 2 from 2 in our first 2 games.

Last week we played our third game against Dartford and after 5 draws on the top 5 boards it was left to the captain on board 6, to find a result. However unfortunately I was left wanting and this resulted in our first defeat.

The following week we found ourselves playing Lewisham away, who were leading the league having had won 3 from 3. In addition due to our normal board 2 and 3 players being unavailable we went with a much weakened team, which was out-graded by an average of 14 points on each board.

David Gilbert took an early draw on board 3, and Ken Smith followed up with a great win on board 4. Chris Cheesman then produced a fine combination and produced a resignation from an opponent graded 36 points higher on board 6. This meant we were 2.5 to 0.5 with 3 games remaining. However I then lost tamely on board 5. This left Ian and Gary on boards 1 and 2 needing to find a result, but both were in time scrambles. Ian probably had a won end game but had to agree a draw given the time situation. But this did guarantee at least a draw. Gary valiantly fought on in his game but resigned before the inevitable flag dropped on the clock.

So after a tough match we ended up with an extremely creditable 3-3 draw, which was way above my expectations before we started. So well done to the team.

We now have 2.5 out of 4 with 2 games remaining.

Lee Brockwell

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