Intro Cup – 20.3.14

The Intro Cup team played its final match of the season on Wednesday 19th March against Gravesend and lost 1 – 3.

Ken Grist did not recover from a bad opening, which just got worse and worse. Chris Cheeseman did manage to recover from a bad opening, but then unsoundly sacrificed a piece. He decided not to recover the exchange, but did not get any real play and lost. Phil Broughton played very well on board 4, but at the crucial point lost a pawn. Phil decided to use the newly open file for a sacrificial attack, which did not quite work and lost, but had played well. Ken Smith, whose opening advantage seemed to have dissipated, suddenly had a mating attack and won.

Thanks to captain Peter Houching for making the arrangements despite not playing himself in the second half of the season.

Ian McAllan

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