Simultaneous Exhibition with Chris Ward – 14.5.14

The evening started at 19.45 and finished at 22.00. The event saw former British champion Grand Master Chris Ward play 15 of our members and guests. At the end of the evening, Chris finished up with 14 wins and 1 draw. The best result of the evening fittingly went to David Helps who organised the event and managed a very credible draw against Chris.

Those playing were :-

  • Lee Brockwell
  • Don Chapman
  • Chris Cheeseman
  • Henry Cove
  • Stan De Souza
  • David Gilbert
  • Ken Grist
  • David Helps
  • Jack Hollands
  • Mark Lenette
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Andrew Parkin
  • Stephen Parkin
  • Gary Sharp
  • Keith Thompson

The first to concede defeat was Jack at 21.00 then nine minutes later David Gilbert at 21.09; we all started to capitulate one by one at regular intervals, thereafter. The last three to finish were Keith Thompson at 21.52. David Helps an agreed draw at 21.55 and Lee Brockwell at 21.56.

Those games are listed below.


Our thanks go to the organiser David for organising the event and Chris for playing us all and making it a most enjoyable evening. Also our thanks go to Cliff Gregory who organised tea and coffee for us all during the evening.

If anyone who played in the simultaneous would like to see their games on the site please e-mail to – a photo of the games sheet would do.

Simul1 Simul2 Simul3

Keith Thompson

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