Sidcup v Beckenham – 26.11.14

Another good win this week for the Fuller team against what is a strong Beckenham and Bromley team. There is not much to choose between the number 1 board player Tony Foreman graded (112) and Alan Fraser (105) playing on board 4.

The best result came from Lee Brockwell (although a draw) it was of a very high standard and not many mistakes occurred in the match where one player could get an advantage over the other. I ran Fritz over the match and it could only find one better move that Lee could have played in the whole 44 moves. Even Grandmasters do well to do this.

Keith Thompson (93) finished playing first, securing a draw for the team after losing a won position, letting Alan Fraser (105) get into a position where he could get a draw by repeating the moves.

Lee then followed up with his good draw. At this point in time it looked like the match would end in a draw as Ken Smith looked like losing his match and Sarah Bowden-Walker was in a good position and could win .

Third to finish was Ken Smith (115) (playing white for the first time this season) with a win on time over Tom Foreman (112) – this was a good result for Ken. Playing on Board 1 you usually play people with higher grades than 115 so it makes a change for Ken to play someone of similar grade. Him picking up 2 points (2 draws and a win) for us on board 1 has definitely been a contributing factor to the team’s good performance in the 3 matches played so far this season as it is so hard to pick up wins and draws from that board.

Sarah (97) finish of her opponent Laurie Roberts (108). Well done to herafter picking up her first win for the team against a higher graded opponent, to give us a good victory.

This means now that the Fuller team has 3 out of 3 points.

We have to play Eynsford on Wednesday 3rd December at home which could well be stumbling block for us as they tend to load there team with high graded players on boards 1 & 2, and then hope to get something out there much lower graded players playing on 3 & 4.

Keith Thompson

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