Chislehurst V Sidcup – En Passant – 21.10.15

Sidcup’s first team went to Chislehurst on the 21/10/2015 for their first Kent En Passant league match.

This year for the first time, we can field a 6 man team averaging over the grading limit of 140, so my captain’s duties now include the need to select a team rather than just pick the top 6 players automatically.

Robert Pezet shook off the unrecognisable pronouncing of his surname during the team announcements, (which I enjoyed immensely), to produce an early win on board 3. Not sure exactly what the other team captain announced him as, but he’s now down on my team sheet as Robert “the banker” Pezet.

This was followed by a loss on board 4 for David Helps, and a draw on board 1 for Ian McAllan. Making it all square.

Gary Sharp and Ken Smith then lost on boards 2 and 6 respectively.

My game had an interesting finish in which I was well in front, but had to be careful with Queens still on the board in the end game. Both players were very short of time, with my opponent having less than a minute last time I managed a look. Anyway having to play almost instant moves, I played an illegal move, which would have given my opponent another 2 minutes, and possibly a win on time. However when we looked at the clocks to make the adjustment, it was pointed out to us that his flag had already fallen. So I only just won the game on time, in which I was miles in front, (I had 4 pass pawns moving down the board).

Anyway the final result was Chislehurst 3.5 Sidcup 2.5

Thanks to everyone who turned out. Our next match is next week away to Petts Wood.

For anyone interested in following all the leagues and Sidcup teams, this can now be done via

You can see all the current results and tables for the various competitions from there, as they come in. Which is new for this season.

Even seeing each individual match sheet, as results come in. Clearly better than what we have had previously.

Cheers Lee

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