Sidcup v Charlton – Tom Fuller – 6.1.16

Sidcup hosted Charlton in their 3rd Tom Fuller league match on Wednesday the 6th January, in their first 2016 fixture.

Bob Mitchell led from the front on board 1 and recorded an early win, after his opponent played an debatable knight sacrifice, when underdeveloped. Bob took advantage of this and delivered a convincing attack to win early.

Lee Brockwell, on board 2, was offered a draw shortly after.

At this point board 3 was even and board 4 was looking like a win. Masud was a piece in front and had a strong attack building. Having refused a couple recently in similar situations and going on to lose tricky end games, I was determined to put the team first this time and took the draw.
However one can never be sure at this level, and shortly after, Masud gave back his piece advantage and lost the initiative. There was a noticeable change in body language, with Masud looking like he had given up for a couple of moves, when he lost another pawn. However he regrouped and made it difficult for his opponent, who eventually blundered a piece after leaving a knight defended by a pawn which was pinned and couldn’t be used to take back without losing his queen when the pin was removed. Surprisingly not only did he miss the loss of his knight, he touched the pawn and knight before realising, but was forced to take and lose his queen.

A resignation followed immediately which clinched the match. Sarah played her usual solid game and eventually agreed a draw in a very tight, well matched game.

Final result Sidcup 3 Charlton 1.
League situation: Played 3 Won 2 drawn 1.

Lee Brockwell

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