Harvey Cup

At Christmas our Harvey Cup side have a 100% record and are the only team in the competition to not have either lost a match or conceded two draws.
Our side playing against Petts Wood in the first match of the season was rather weak with six players unavailable. When one player could not find the match venue and arrived seven minutes after the default time prospects did not look good, but Janis Elton equalized the score with a fine win against a player graded 32 points above her and Chris Cheeseman won a piece and the game. One of Petts Wood’s good juniors brought the score back level, but then Ian McAllan ground out a win playing against a bad bishop and Lee Brockwell, having turned down a draw offer, won on time to complete a surprising 4 – 2 victory.
In the second match of the season against Charlton seven players were unavailable, but Tony Packham and Greg Edwards won and then Ian McAllan’s opponent got his own king trapped in a drawn position. On seeing this Lee Brockwell agreed a draw in an equal position to win the match 3.5 – 2.5.
Ian McAllan

Jim Appleton

Jim Appleton died on 21st November 2018.

Jim had been a member of the club since 2000, although ill-health had prevented him coming to the club much for the last year.

Jim started playing chess in lunch breaks at Klingers, a local factory, and in retirement joined the local chess club at Swanley near his home, where he was an active organizer. When there ceased to be a chess club in Swanley he came to the club in Sidcup, attracted by the good range of playing strength. In his first full season he ran our sixth team and then ran the seventh team for the three subsequent seasons. Jim was very enthusiastic about chess. Sadly he had a variety of health problems, but he made the effort to come to the club, gamely struggling with the stairs from week to week.

We shall miss him.