Annual General Meeting

Chess at Sidcup remains outstanding value at £55 for 51 three-hour meetings. Even better, pensioners get a £5 discount and anybody whose yearly income is under £10,000 pays only £35. And the most outstanding value is for juniors under 18, who pay nothing at all! Joiners during the year pay pro rata. This is even better value than the cups of tea or coffee available at 20p per cup.

Another decision of the members at the Annual General Meeting was to enter 4 teams in the Kent League this season. There will be two six-board teams and two four-board teams of various average strengths run by the same experienced captains as last year. Members who intend to play in Kent League matches should now renew their membership of the English Chess Federation (see the English Chess Federation website for details).

Also like last year the club will run its knock-out tournament for all members bar the stronger (“over 120 grade”) players and an all-play-all handicap tournament where the handicap is that the stronger player has less time to make all the moves than the weaker player. There will also be an “all-play-all simultaneous” in the summer. Perhaps you will play a game worth showing on the website. If you have items for the website, continue to send them to Steve Moon at chess at (use the @ character)

Ian McAllan

Jack Hollands Wins Knights Tournament

Jack played Lee in the Knights Tournament Final (the knock-out tournament for members graded under 120)and despite losing a piece on move 8 won after Lee played a “decisive” combination, which was not so decisive.

Jack has now won this competition four times since 1994, more than anyone else.

Ian McAllan

County News 3.8.13

Kent Summer Quickplay

Sidcup entered a team in the Kent summer quickplay this year after not playing in it for the last few years. It’s basically a four man team, and during the course of the evening each player plays all four of the oppositions players. Each of the games are for 30 mins duration whit time being allocated on a handicap basis similar to our own club championships.

So far we have played 2 games and both and been really good evenings, However by the end of the night your nerves are shot to pieces, with the intensity of playing four games and no respite.

We managed to get a draw against Gravesend 8-8 in the first game at home, with a team of David Helps, David Gilbert, Ken Smith and Lee Brockwell.

In our second game our team was David Helps, Gary Sharp, Rob Pezet and Lee Brockwell and we faced favourites Charton 1, away.

After the first 2 sets of games we were level at very creditable 4-4. However their superior strength eventually told and we we lost 10-6.

This was against a team that consisted of 2 players graded 200+.

I was particularly chuffed to nick a win against someone graded 209 and Robert managed a draw against Alan Hanreck, another 200+ player.

Next game away to Lewisham

Lee Brockwell

Sidcup Player Scoops Congress success

Congratulation to David Gilbert winning the intermediate U135 congress at Worcester.

British Championships

Worth noting that many games at the British Championships are being shown Live this year. David Gilbert had the privilege of playing on one of the live boards this morning in the U140 championships. Great technology to allow us to watch him playing and he didn’t disappoint the fan base with a stunning victory. Log on and see.

Sidcup win Intro Cup!

The Intro Cup team went into the final of the Intro Cup against Medway on Sunday 12th May missing Lee, who had a prior golfing engagement, and Chris, who was in the West Country. Nevertheless, Peter had got out a good team with Leon playing his last game before emigrating to France. Luckily for us Leon’s move had been delayed at the last moment.

Ken Grist was the first to win refuting his opponent’s unsound attack. Then John Morris, after being on the defensive, mated his opponent. Ian Reeve had a lost position from early on and could not save the game, but Leon Hopkins queened a pawn to win the ending and the match.

Ian McAllan

Sidcup v Snodland – Tom Fuller Semi-Final Report

Sidcup were finally knocked out of the Tom Fuller at the semi-final stage against a strong Snodland side. For a while, despite Snodland loading top boards with stronger grades, we looked like we might get a result. However David Gilbert on board 1 conceded after blundering a rook whilst in a good position and with his opponent very short of time. The temptation to play quickly when an opponent is in time trouble has been the undoing of many of us.

Following this, Chris Cheesman managed to win on board 4 and maintain his 100% record in the competition.

Sadly Peter Houching finally lost a tight game on board 3 which meant even if the other game was won we would lose on board count.

Lee Brockwell (on board 2) was eventually forced to accept a draw despite being a bishop and pawn up, in an end game in which his opponent only had a king left. The game is useful for anyone like me, who assumed that you must be able to queen the pawn and win in that situation. However I now know that’s not the case, and the key determining factors are which file the pawn is on and which colour square the bishop is on. All the more frustrating as I could have taken numerous other routes to winning the game.

See the game below to understand the issue and maybe avoid this happening to you!

Thanks to all those who have played for this team during the year and supported me as captain. Much appreciated.

Lee Brockwell

Final League Tables 6.4.13

The final League Tables are now available on the tab. Sidcup 3 and Sidcup 4 have qualified for the Kent League semi-finals in their respective competitions. Sidcup 3 will be away to Snodland 3 in the Tom Fuller Cup while Sidcup 4 take on Snodland 4 in the IntroCup. Match dates have still to be finalised, but must be played by Sunday, 5 May 2013.

The full draw is as follows:

Tom Fuller Cup
Beckenham 5 v Sittingbourne 2
Snodland 3 v Sidcup 3

Intro Cup
Beckenham 6 v Medway 3
Snodland 4 v Sidcup 4