All Play All Simul

Seven Sidcup players were nursing their bruises this morning after last night’s time-handicapped all-play-all simul! Seven players each playing their six opponents over 21 boards at the Hurst Community Centre. Several yellow cards were shown as the participants threw their bodies around the playing area. At one point Dave Helps was trapped by a skilful pincer movement by Keith Thompson and Chris Cheeseman before managing to barge himself to freedom.

Slippery Mark Lenette seemed to ghost around his boards capitalising on his time advantage over his rivals and soon built up a good lead as wins on time began to add up. But he was being pegged back as Rob Pezet, Bob Mitchell and Dave Helps played some solid chess, picking-off their rivals one-by-one. David Gilbert faded with exhaustion and was taken away for a psychiatric assessment for organising the event.

After two hours, an unusual evening had been won by Rob Pezet, with Dave Helps taking the silver medal and Mark Lenette a splendid third. The wooden spoon belonged to Chris Cheeseman who managed a win over Keith Thompson after Keith forgot about the game for the first half-an-hour leaving him a long way down on the clock!

The results were captured for posterity on Mark’s iPhone:



David Gilbert

Simultaneous Exhibition with Chris Ward – 14.5.14

The evening started at 19.45 and finished at 22.00. The event saw former British champion Grand Master Chris Ward play 15 of our members and guests. At the end of the evening, Chris finished up with 14 wins and 1 draw. The best result of the evening fittingly went to David Helps who organised the event and managed a very credible draw against Chris.

Those playing were :-

  • Lee Brockwell
  • Don Chapman
  • Chris Cheeseman
  • Henry Cove
  • Stan De Souza
  • David Gilbert
  • Ken Grist
  • David Helps
  • Jack Hollands
  • Mark Lenette
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Andrew Parkin
  • Stephen Parkin
  • Gary Sharp
  • Keith Thompson

The first to concede defeat was Jack at 21.00 then nine minutes later David Gilbert at 21.09; we all started to capitulate one by one at regular intervals, thereafter. The last three to finish were Keith Thompson at 21.52. David Helps an agreed draw at 21.55 and Lee Brockwell at 21.56.

Those games are listed below.


Our thanks go to the organiser David for organising the event and Chris for playing us all and making it a most enjoyable evening. Also our thanks go to Cliff Gregory who organised tea and coffee for us all during the evening.

If anyone who played in the simultaneous would like to see their games on the site please e-mail to – a photo of the games sheet would do.

Simul1 Simul2 Simul3

Keith Thompson

Harvey Cup Semi Final – 16.4.14

On Wednesday 16th April the Harvey Cup team played Weald of Kent in the semi-final of the Harvey Cup and lost 2.5 – 3.5.

The match started well with Don Chapman winning quickly on material and Ian McAllan mating his opponent early on. Things looked good as we were better in a couple of the other games, but then Chris Cheeseman failed to take his good play to its logical conclusion and dropped a piece which left him no chance. Gary Sharp, who was always worse, lost a rook in time-trouble. If Dave Helps lost we would lose the match, and he had a lost position at the time-control. Meanwhile David Gilbert’s game had fluctuated dramatically. He had had a technically winning position when he blundered a rook, which his opponent failed to win, after which David still had the better of a draw but in trying to win reached a lost position which he drew in time-trouble. This meant that Dave Helps needed to draw the last game to finish to win the on tie-break. After the time control Dave fought back to reach a drawn “opposite bishops” ending, but had left himself four minutes to play it to his opponent’s seven minutes, so he was always likely to lose on time and in fact he lost by blundering in the time-trouble.

Thanks to Alan Hanreck for being the Arbiter for the match.

Dave Helps had a tough season on boards 1 and 2 and showed great resilience. We look forward to the simultaneous exhibition to be given by grandmaster Chris Ward on Wednesday 14th May, which he is arranging.

Ian McAllan


A good few days for two Sidcup players, Robert Pezet and David Gilbert, who finished tied-third in the intermediate section at last weekend’s chess congress at St Albans. They each played four games, Robert winning two and drawing two, while David won three and lost one (to the eventual winner). Both players took half-point byes in the third round to give them scores of 3½/5. They won’t be getting rich though – they share the £70 third prize with four other players!

3 David GilbertDavid Gilbert

Robert Pezet

Robert Pezet

Here’s how David demolished David Grange in the 2nd round.

David Gilbert

[Photos courtesy of Brendan O’Gorman]

Fuller – Sidcup v Gravesend

Sidcup 3 played their last match for this season in the Fuller League on Thursday against a strong Gravesend 5 who, because their grading was higher than the limit, were deducted .50 point.

The team was in fine form and come away with a 3.50 to .50 win but because they had the half point deducted we won 3.50 to 0.

Gravesend plays underneath a pub so meant that we could play till 11.30pm leaving an agreed time to play of 35 moves in a hour and 15 minutes with 15 minutes to finish the game.

The evening started of well with Mark Lenette grade (70) winning with white against Conner Phillips (60) on board 4 in quick time.

Then after a hard game, about an hour later, Ken Smith (117) playing black, had a terrific win on board 1 against Paul Le Bretton (135) 18 grading points higher.

Third to finish was Lee Brockwell when a draw was agreed between Lee (113) playing White against Lee Phillips who was 20 grading points higher on (133).

Last to finish, after a very hard game, Keith Thompson (112) brought the evening to a close with a good win against John Fowers (120) who had soundly beaten Keith on the last 2 occasions.

Keith Thompson

Harvey Champions! 20.3.14

On Thursday 20th March the Harvey Cup team played its final match of the season against Dartford.

In my last post about the Harvey Cup team I said that we would come second unless the results of other matches went our way. In fact the results of the three key matches were absolutely perfect for us: Dartford and Petts Wood drew with each other and then both Petts Wood and Gravesend lost to teams below them. This left Petts Wood and Gravesend out of it and Dartford needing a big win in their last match against us to equal our match points and overtake us on game points.

Dartford put out a very strong team and for a while it looked as if Dartford might actually succeed in reaching 4.5 points. Ken Smith had to accept the draw offered by his opponent and then Chris Cheeseman and Don Chapman both lost. Gary Sharp, who had been the only Sidcup player with winning chances had to concede the draw, so with Dave Helps having a lost position and Ian McAllan under pressure, disaster was a distinct possibility, but the turning point came when Dave played a combination, which left him a knight for two pawns up. Although his game was eventually drawn, when Ian’s opposite bishops ending was also agreed drawn, Sidcup had lost the match 2 – 4 , but done enough to top the league.

Ian McAllan

Intro Cup – 20.3.14

The Intro Cup team played its final match of the season on Wednesday 19th March against Gravesend and lost 1 – 3.

Ken Grist did not recover from a bad opening, which just got worse and worse. Chris Cheeseman did manage to recover from a bad opening, but then unsoundly sacrificed a piece. He decided not to recover the exchange, but did not get any real play and lost. Phil Broughton played very well on board 4, but at the crucial point lost a pawn. Phil decided to use the newly open file for a sacrificial attack, which did not quite work and lost, but had played well. Ken Smith, whose opening advantage seemed to have dissipated, suddenly had a mating attack and won.

Thanks to captain Peter Houching for making the arrangements despite not playing himself in the second half of the season.

Ian McAllan

Harvey – 3.3.14

On Monday 3rd March our Harvey Cup team played Gravesend and emphatically lost its 100% record by losing by 4 – 2.

The match started well with Chris Cheeseman winning a piece and converting. Dave Gilbert had some advantage, but in the end could do no better than a drawn opposite bishops ending. It became grim when Ken Smith blundered a piece in a level position after recovering from a bad opening and Lee Brockwell also blundered a piece when he appeared likely to win. Dave Helps was ground down in a game where he was always slightly worse and then Gary Sharp’s advantage fizzled out into a draw after he misassessed a winning move.

If we win or draw the last match of the season we should come second, although if other results go our way a win could be enough to win the league, while a loss would leave us third.

Ian McAllan

Fuller – Sidcup v Lewisham

A bad week for us this week after a good win against Beckenham at the end of January. I had been suffering a flu virus during February so I decided to drop out and let the others have crack against Lewisham and what is a tight league. All teams are dropping points and 1 ½ points separate the top team Lewisham from us propping up the bottom.

Lewisham turned up with 3 players but we still went down 3 -1.

The top 2 boards where of a high standard and Lee (board 2) did well to keep fighting to move 28 where he made a blunder and allowed Bob Hewitt to capitalise and take his Bishop. He kept on fighting though and managed to get back into the game, but time run out on him in the end.

Ken Smith playing on board one was up against a player who has a rating of 131 against 117 so he was always going to be up against it. Being on board 1 can be a bit demoralising as you always seem to come up against the good and higher graded players. I do not think Ken has played a player lower than 131 this year for us. Playing Black, Ken was always playing to get even from a Kings Gambit declined opening and White was able to get a good position. However, by move 17, he was a rook exchange up for a knight.

I had hoped that Chris Cheeseman would get my revenge over Delroy Bennet playing on board 3 for me as I lost to a blunder in the away match, but unfortunately he got into a losing endgame and lost.

Our fourth player was Mark Lenette who turned up to play and was without a game, giving us our 1 point.

Keith Thompson