Kent Summer Quickplay Championships

Sidcup once again competed in the summer quickplay, which is always thoroughly enjoyed by those participating. Each match consists of a team of 4, where each player plays 1 * 30 minute game, against each of the opponents players. As a result, 16 games are played in one night.
We were drawn in a league which consisted of Beckenham, Weald of Kent, Tunbridge Wells, and Eynsford.

We finished with 3 losses and 1 win. beating Eynsford, and only losing to a strong Tunbridge Wells team by the narrowest margin.

Thanks to everyone who played, and contributed to 4 very enjoyable evenings.

Lee Brockwell

Kent Chess League

The regular inter-club league season is now over and the top two teams in each division are going forward to play semi-finals against teams from east and mid Kent.

Unfortunately in our winner-takes-all final En Passant Cup match we were defeated 2.5 – 3.5 by Gravesend, when a drawn match would have been enough to take us into the semi-final, and we finished third.

We also finished third in the Stevenson Cup without challenging for the top two places.

The Intro Cup team finished on 50%, while the Harvey Cup and Tom Fuller Cup sides had poor seasons, but avoided finishing last.

Better luck next year.

Ian McAllan

En Passant Report

Sidcup managed to win against Dartford in their penultimate game in the En Passant competition.

Wins from Greg Edwards and Lee Brockwell, and draws from Tony Packham, and David Gilbert, gave Sidcup a 3-2 advantage with the board 1 game still playing.

This was a very interesting game in which both players had exposed kings with queens, one rook and opposite coloured bishops still in play, plus Sidcup’s Rob Pezet was very short of time. It wasn’t long before this game had attracted a large following awaiting the outcome. However, once queens and rooks were exchanged and pawn material was equalised, it looked a drawn game, apart from the fact Sidcup’s Rob Pezet now only had 30 seconds left on his clock.  His opponent David Tucker however, very sportingly acknowledged it was a drawn game and accepted the draw offer to give Sidcup the win.

This means Sidcup remain unbeaten with 2 wins and 3 draws and currently need to beat Gravesend to guarantee qualification in 2nd place.

This game will be at home on the 28th March.

Lee Brockwell Team Captain


After a promising 2/2 start the wheels came off and we are now headed for a mid-table position.
With five weeks of the season left the unbeaten En Passant Cup side are still in with a chance of reaching the knock-out stage of their Kent League competition having beaten Chislehurst 4-2 on 20th February.  However, two other clubs are unbeaten and we have to play one of them in the last match of the season.
The Harvey Cup side has suffered from regular players being unavailable.  Although it has never scored fewer than 2 points in a match, it has never scored more than 3.5 and we are bottom of the league
The new Tom Fuller Cup side has been fielding sides weaker than the division really demands, but it is good experience and it did recently win a match against Beckenham.
The Intro Cup side is in mid-table, so we will need a good finish to the season to reach the knock-out stage of the Kent League. Nigel Threadgold has been the most successful player in the team and at one stage had the second best match record in the club (the best is David Gilbert, who has had a run of over 20 games unbeaten apart from one loss to an eight-year old).
All this season’s results can be found at, clicking on Kent League and then Sidcup (on the right).
Ian McAllan

Harvey Cup

The Harvey Cup side has started the season with mixed results.
Lewisham 4 crushed us in the first match with only Ian McAllan and Gary Sharp winning.
In the second match against Petts Wood, who arrived a player short, we were very lucky to win 3.5 – 2.5.  A Petts Wood player was about to play mate in 2 moves when his time ran out.
Our third match against Gravesend seemed to be on course for a clear victory.  Chris Cheeseman crushed his opponent and Don Chapman turned his game around to win. When IanMcAllan agreed a draw we seemed to have at least another point to come, but it all went horribly wrong and we lost 2.5 – 3.5.
Ian McAllan

Stevenson – Update

The Sidcup first team got off to a flying start in the Stevenson Cup with excellent wins against Dartford and Sevenoaks 2.
Following a fine season last year, Rob Pezet has now been elevated to top board position with Ian McAllan, Tony Packman and Greg Edwards one grading point behind meaning that boards 2,3 and 4 can be rotated. With Dave Helps and Gary Sharp making up the team our average grade just keeps us within the maximum allowed for the Stevenson Cup.
Even without Rob for the Dartford match, wins by Tony and Gary on boards 3 and 5 with draws from Ian, Greg and David Gilbert on boards 1, 2 and 6 and a loss by Dave Helps left us with a 3.5 – 2.5 win.
Against Sevenoaks 2 we had a full strength side and with fine wins by Rob, Greg, Ian and Gary and a draw from Dave left Sidcup well in control. Tony’s clock finally ran out of time in a losing position but the result was unaffected leaving Sidcup with a 4.5-1.5 win.
There are no more Stevenson Cup matches for Sidcup until  the New Year but things are looking good for 2018 as we perch at the top of the table.
Dave Helps (Stevenson Cup Captain)

The 2016/17 League Season

The 2016/17 league season has now finished with Sidcup’s four teams finishing no lower than 2nd= in their leagues.

In the Stevenson Cup, which this season we entered for the first time for many years, we hoped for no more than a respectable mid-table position. However we came a clear 2nd, qualifying for the all-Kent semi-finals of the competition (the top two in the metropolitan area qualify), where we played Tunbridge Wells. In that match we raced into a 2.5 – 0.5 lead with wins from Rob Pezet and Dave Helps and a draw from Gary Sharp. Unfortunately we lost the other three games and so lost 2.5 – 3.5.

The En Passant Cup side finished 2nd= on match points and game points and failed to progress to the semi-finals having lost our match during the season with the team that we tied with.

The Harvey Cup side also finished 2nd= on match points and game points with a team that we had drawn our match during the season with, but failed to progress to the semi-final on the next tie-break of which boards in the drawn match were won: we won on board 4, but they won on board 3.

The Intro Cup side finished equal top on match points, but were placed second having fewer game points than Petts Wood. In the semi-final we overcame Tunbridge Wells, when a tie-break finally went our way. Don Chapman won and Chris Cheeseman and Gary Sharp drew in a drawn match, where we went through to the final as we had won on board 3 and they had won on board 4. In the final we played Maidstone. Rob Pezet had a smooth win on board 1 while Nigel Threadgold could not quite recover from a poor opening and eventually lost. David Dallakyan found himself in a difficult position, but managed to liquidate down to just three king’s side pawns each and accepted a draw offer. Janis Elton had a very exciting game watched by lots of spectators; when the dust settled there were just pawns left and neither side could make any progress. So it finished 2 – 2, and as we had won on board 1 and lost on board 3 we were champions on tie-break.”

Congratulations to Janis on winning the Intro Cup and Lee Brockwell on his organizational help.

Ian McAllan

Harvey – 24.3.2017

On Friday 24th March the Harvey Cup team played league champions Petts Wood needing a win and a draw from six games to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.

The match started badly with the three bottom boards all losing quickly putting the match out of reach Ian McAllan won on board 1, but the other two games were against strong juniors, whose grades at the beginning of the season are over twenty points below their current strength. We lost on board 3, but on board 2 we seemed to be doing well. However, a perpetual check was missed and we lost the match 5 – 1.

Ian McAllan

Stevenson – 22.3.2017

Sidcup hosted Lewisham on 22/03/2017 in the Stevenson, and after getting a draw against leaders Sevenoaks the week before needed to win to qualify for the knockout stages.

Rob Pezet started poorly and found himself in a lot of trouble very early on, however as is often the case with Rob he found another Houdini type escape and went on to register our first win. Tony Packham then converted a tricky rook and pawn end game in which he was a pawn up.
David Gilbert and Ian McAllan then registered hard fought draws taking the score to 3 -1. This left 2 games remaining, and leaving Sidcup needing one draw to win.

Gary Sharp always had a tough ask, being out-graded by 20 points, and although he fought hard he eventually lost. This left David Helps being materially level, but with a slightly inferior position, to get the draw. Which to everybody’s relief he did when his opponent accepted a draw was the best he could achieve, and agreed the draw.

As a result, Sidcup now look forward to the semi-finals and discovering who our opponents will be.

Congratulation to the team on achieving this

Lee Brockwell