On 4th March our En Passant Cup team played Beckenham. The winner would be the Metropolitan Area champions. Unfortunately Beckenham could only put out a weak team and we won the match comfortably with Jim Johnson, Ian McAllan, Greg Edwards, Dave Helps and David Hackett all winning to give us a 5 – 1 victory.

Congratulations to captain Lee Brockwell.

Ian McAllan

En Passant Report

Sidcup managed to win against Dartford in their penultimate game in the En Passant competition.

Wins from Greg Edwards and Lee Brockwell, and draws from Tony Packham, and David Gilbert, gave Sidcup a 3-2 advantage with the board 1 game still playing.

This was a very interesting game in which both players had exposed kings with queens, one rook and opposite coloured bishops still in play, plus Sidcup’s Rob Pezet was very short of time. It wasn’t long before this game had attracted a large following awaiting the outcome. However, once queens and rooks were exchanged and pawn material was equalised, it looked a drawn game, apart from the fact Sidcup’s Rob Pezet now only had 30 seconds left on his clock.  His opponent David Tucker however, very sportingly acknowledged it was a drawn game and accepted the draw offer to give Sidcup the win.

This means Sidcup remain unbeaten with 2 wins and 3 draws and currently need to beat Gravesend to guarantee qualification in 2nd place.

This game will be at home on the 28th March.

Lee Brockwell Team Captain

21.10.16 – En Passant

Sidcup went to Dartford on Thursday 20th Oct to play their first En Passant of the season against last year’s champions.

Fortunately everybody was available and we were able to field our strongest team against what is always a very strong Dartford team.

Whilst the match ebbed and flowed during the evening, fine winning performances by Ian McAllan, Gary Sharp, David Gilbert, and a draw by Robert Pezet, resulted in a 3.5 – 2.5 win for Sidcup.

After a first rate start our campaign continues with a tricky away match at Gravesend on Monday the 24th.

Lee Brockwell – En Passant Captain

En Passant – 23.3.16

On Wednesday 23rd March the En Passant Cup team played its final match of the season against Dartford. The winner of the match would be in the semi-finals with Dartford having the odds of the draw.

It was a close match. Ian McAllan reached the first time control with a completely drawn ending. Bob Mitchell then lost, but Rob Pezet won with a crushing king hunt. Dave Helps then accepted a draw in a very blocked position leaving the match level with two games to finish. Lee Brockwell had been a good pawn up, but chose the wrong path, while Gary Sharp’s opponent’s unintentional piece sacrifice was good enough for a draw. In time-trouble Gary had to choose between two defences and unfortunately chose wrongly, so Dartford were in the semi-finals. Lee then accepted his opponent’s offer of a draw to make the result a 3.5 – 2.5 win for Dartford.

We did get the second highest number of game points in the division so I think we are an established team in the En Passant Cup now.

Ian McAllan

Sidcup V Beckenham – En Passant – 13.1.16

Sidcup’s first team hosted Beckenham for their 3rd En Passant league match of the season on Wednesday. Having so far won 1 and lost 1.

So this was a must win if we were to have any chance of qualifying for the knock out stages.

David Gilbert was the first to finish, agreeing a draw on board 3. Rob Pezet then managed a fine win on board 2 against an opponent graded 13 points above him at 155. Bob Mitchell followed this with an agreed draw in a queen and rook end game which was going around in circles on board 5. I then managed to win a game in which positional advantage seemed to ebb and flow considerably. At one point I though the position lost, yet was surprised to find after that Fritz maintained I was never behind.

This left us 3 – 1 up with 2 games still active. Ian on board 1 and David on board 5. David Helps clinched the win with a fine display, which ended with a combination trapping his opponent’s queen.

Ian eventually lost an end game in which he was well behind on material.

So a great result for the club – Sidcup 4 Beckenham 2.

The below is an interesting position I found myself in towards the end of my game. With little time left and possibly quite a lot of play, I was looking for a quick mate or way to win quickly. Fortunately my opponent blundered and saved the possibility of me losing on time.

However I never found the mate. When I went over the game later I found there was a mate in 3 for white which I missed.

See if you can find it.


Lee Brockwell

Lewisham V Sidcup – En Passant – 28.10.15

The first team went to Lewisham on the 28th Oct for their second fixture in the En Passant league, with a slightly different team to the first match.

Lewisham fielded quite a weak team based on grading, for some reason, so we were heavy favourites on paper. However 3 of their team were estimate grades, and these tend to under estimate the opponent. Anyway despite things not looking at all clear for a long way into the match we came away with a convincing 5.5 to 0.5 win.

Ken Smith got in front on material early on, but then conceded the advantage. However he eventually won convincingly.

David Gilbert and David Helps played solid games and eventually ground out a good wins.
This left Robert, Ian, and Gary.

Robert’s game was very interesting, in that he deliberately allowed his queen to be trapped, but was convinced he’d picked up enough material on the way to that to be in front. I can’t say I agreed with that view and nor did others, however surprisingly Fritz does agree with his view, although the handling of his position from that point had to be played very accurately. Which he did.

However I was convinced that he could have saved his Queen by giving up a piece, and Fritz also agrees with this, and he could have won the game far easier than he did. I’ve attached the game and my analysis comments below. It’s worth a look if only to become familiar with Blacks very odd opening, which despite 3 pawn sacrifices, would have been in front if he’d played the correct move following Robert’s unorthodox QF3.

Ian’s game caused great controversy after his flag fell at the first time check, and neither player had recorded the last moves to know if 35 had been reached. There was also a further dispute about whether the clock was faulty, and the flag had fallen early. In the end Ian refused the offer of a draw and the game was replayed and the missing moves recorded to work out if 35 moves had indeed been played. It turned out that 35 moves had been played and Ian was safe. He then went on to win the game, playing the end game accurately, and making a very late night of it.

Gary eventually agreed a draw to a game which was very locked up by pawns. He had the better position, but unfortunately any way to open things up just played into his opponents hands and equalised the game.

So we now stand as  – played 2, won 1, Lost 1.

Lee Brockwell

Chislehurst V Sidcup – En Passant – 21.10.15

Sidcup’s first team went to Chislehurst on the 21/10/2015 for their first Kent En Passant league match.

This year for the first time, we can field a 6 man team averaging over the grading limit of 140, so my captain’s duties now include the need to select a team rather than just pick the top 6 players automatically.

Robert Pezet shook off the unrecognisable pronouncing of his surname during the team announcements, (which I enjoyed immensely), to produce an early win on board 3. Not sure exactly what the other team captain announced him as, but he’s now down on my team sheet as Robert “the banker” Pezet.

This was followed by a loss on board 4 for David Helps, and a draw on board 1 for Ian McAllan. Making it all square.

Gary Sharp and Ken Smith then lost on boards 2 and 6 respectively.

My game had an interesting finish in which I was well in front, but had to be careful with Queens still on the board in the end game. Both players were very short of time, with my opponent having less than a minute last time I managed a look. Anyway having to play almost instant moves, I played an illegal move, which would have given my opponent another 2 minutes, and possibly a win on time. However when we looked at the clocks to make the adjustment, it was pointed out to us that his flag had already fallen. So I only just won the game on time, in which I was miles in front, (I had 4 pass pawns moving down the board).

Anyway the final result was Chislehurst 3.5 Sidcup 2.5

Thanks to everyone who turned out. Our next match is next week away to Petts Wood.

For anyone interested in following all the leagues and Sidcup teams, this can now be done via

You can see all the current results and tables for the various competitions from there, as they come in. Which is new for this season.

Even seeing each individual match sheet, as results come in. Clearly better than what we have had previously.

Cheers Lee

Sidcup v Dartford – 26.2.15

Sidcup went to league leaders Dartford on Thursday, needing a win to give them any chance of qualifying for the knockout stages.

Prior to this game we had achieved a 50% record with 2 wins, 2 loses, and a draw.

It was always going to be a tough ask, especially with 2 regular first team players away, but it turned out to be a close fought match.

Ken Smith was disappointed with his performance succumbing to an early loss on board 4. Keith Thompson then followed this with a draw on board 6, despite being out-graded by nearly 30 points, and playing his first game for the first team. Lee Brockwell on Board 5 then followed with another draw.

The remaining 3 games all went to the wire, with the clock playing a massive part. Ian McAllan on board 1 saw his opponent withstand a strong king side attack, which then left Ian in time trouble. Despite coming through the time control with his position intact, Ian was unaware that the time control had been reached and played the next 2 moves instantly, believing he still had moves to make. Those moves were critical and turned a potential winning position into a position which was eventually played to a draw. David Gilbert on board 3 then delivered a fine win, in a finely edged position, where his better time management probably made all the difference. This left everything hinging on board 2 and Gary Sharp. Time once again was key here, and Gary was always behind on that score. Unfortunately it was the type of end game which needed a large number of moves to see completion. This played into his opponent’s hands, who played solid moves, knowing Gary’s clock would run out eventually. This it duly did, giving Dartford a well-earned 3.5 to 2.5 win.

So far our experiment of playing in the stronger En Passant league, has been positive and we have acquitted ourselves well. It’s also giving the better players more games which can only be beneficial.

Lee Brockwell

En Passant – 15.12.14

Sidcup’s first team went to Gravesend on Monday, for their first fixture in the Met section of the En Passant League.

After a tough contest we managed our first win, with a score of Sidcup 4 – Gravesend 2.

Bob Mitchell got us off to a great start with a solid win on board 5. Draws then followed in quick succession, for Lee Brockwell on board 6, and for Gary Sharp on board 2. David Gilbert looked to have a won end game at first glance, but as it played out “the opposition” and who had to move first became key. Eventually despite being a pawn up in a king pawn end game, David recognised the game was actually lost. However his opponent failed to realise the full significance, and offered a draw, which David accepted.

Ian McAllan on board 1 reached a draw by repetition, in a very sharp game, with little time left on his clock. Which meant we couldn’t lose with one game remaining.

This left David Helps who played out a very exciting win to the remaining crowd, and securing the match win.

I attach David’s game below as it was an interesting finish.

18. Nb5 is tempting and maybe better
36. Re4 is better but not an easy win. The rook sacrifice gave the queen more room with the runaway pawns compensating.

Lee Brockwell

En Passant 2.12.13

The clubs 1st team played it’s 2nd match last week at home against Gravesend.

After 4 completed games, we led 2.5 to 1.5, after wins from Ken Smith and David Gilbert, and a draw from Ian on top board. This left Gary and David Helps still battling away. Fortunately both managed to achieve a draw, and clinch the points for Sidcup.

So this now makes it 2 from 2 with 4 games to go. We currently share top spot with Lewisham and Petts Wood who also have 2 from 2. So still plenty to do from here, but a good start.

Lee Brockwell