After a promising 2/2 start the wheels came off and we are now headed for a mid-table position.
With five weeks of the season left the unbeaten En Passant Cup side are still in with a chance of reaching the knock-out stage of their Kent League competition having beaten Chislehurst 4-2 on 20th February.  However, two other clubs are unbeaten and we have to play one of them in the last match of the season.
The Harvey Cup side has suffered from regular players being unavailable.  Although it has never scored fewer than 2 points in a match, it has never scored more than 3.5 and we are bottom of the league
The new Tom Fuller Cup side has been fielding sides weaker than the division really demands, but it is good experience and it did recently win a match against Beckenham.
The Intro Cup side is in mid-table, so we will need a good finish to the season to reach the knock-out stage of the Kent League. Nigel Threadgold has been the most successful player in the team and at one stage had the second best match record in the club (the best is David Gilbert, who has had a run of over 20 games unbeaten apart from one loss to an eight-year old).
All this season’s results can be found at www.ecflms.org.uk, clicking on Kent League and then Sidcup (on the right).
Ian McAllan

Harvey Cup

The Harvey Cup side has started the season with mixed results.
Lewisham 4 crushed us in the first match with only Ian McAllan and Gary Sharp winning.
In the second match against Petts Wood, who arrived a player short, we were very lucky to win 3.5 – 2.5.  A Petts Wood player was about to play mate in 2 moves when his time ran out.
Our third match against Gravesend seemed to be on course for a clear victory.  Chris Cheeseman crushed his opponent and Don Chapman turned his game around to win. When IanMcAllan agreed a draw we seemed to have at least another point to come, but it all went horribly wrong and we lost 2.5 – 3.5.
Ian McAllan

Outstanding Value

Chess at Sidcup remains outstanding value at £50 for 50 three-hour meetings.  Even better, pensioners get a £5 discount and anyone whose yearly income is under £12,000 pays only £30. And the most outstanding value is for juniors under 18, who pay nothing at all. Joiners during the year pay pro-rata. This is even better value than the cups of tea or coffee available at 20p per cup.
In the Kent League we have five teams of various average strengths: three six-board and two four board teams. Results can be found on the League Management System website (ecflms.org.uk and choose Kent League in the menu and then Sidcup).
Like last year the club will run its knock-out tournament for all members bar the stronger (“over 120 grade”) players and an all-play-all handicap tournament where the handicap is that the stronger player has less time to make all the moves than the weaker player. Perhaps you will plat a game worth showing on the website.  If you have items for the website, continue to send them to chess@sidcupchessclub.org.uk

Summer Activity

During the summer our team in the Kent Summer Quickplay team tournament scored 1.5/4 match points in their group.  We also played in the Lewisham quickplay team tournament and after losing our first two matches won the remaining five with Dave Helps winning his last five games.
Lee Brockwell has won the 2016/7 Knights Tournament and Ian McAllan won the club championship.
Ian McAllan

Harvey – 24.3.2017

On Friday 24th March the Harvey Cup team played league champions Petts Wood needing a win and a draw from six games to qualify for the semi-finals of the tournament.

The match started badly with the three bottom boards all losing quickly putting the match out of reach Ian McAllan won on board 1, but the other two games were against strong juniors, whose grades at the beginning of the season are over twenty points below their current strength. We lost on board 3, but on board 2 we seemed to be doing well. However, a perpetual check was missed and we lost the match 5 – 1.

Ian McAllan

Intro – 15.2.17

On Wednesday 15th February the Intro Cup team consolidated its position at the top of the league by defeating Gravesend 3-1. Gravesend were the only team to have beaten us this season.

David Dallakyan accepted a draw offer in a heavy piece ending and Chris Cheeseman also agreed a draw. Janis Elton had more than enough compensation for a lost pawn and mated her opponent. Lee Brockwell’s opponent sacrificed a rook for a strong attack, but Lee defended well to win.

The team has won all three of its matches in 2017.

Ian McAllan

Harvey – 25.1.17

On 25th January the Harvey Cup team played Chislehurst and won 4-2.

Rob Pezet started the match with an excellent win by a direct king’s side attack, mating a player graded 31 points above him. Then Chris Cheeseman, who had only agreed to play on the afternoon of the match after a player dropped out because of family illness, blundered a pawn, sacrificed another one and emerged victorious. After a loss on board six the other games went the distance. Bob Mitchell lost his opening advantage and had to accept a draw offer, while Gary Sharp with no winning prospects also accepted a draw. In the last game to finish Dave Helps found a queen sacrifice which would have won an exchange for a pawn had his opponent not preferred to lose a piece and then lose on time in a lost position.

Ian McAllan

Harvey – 11.1.17

On 11th January our Harvey Cup team played Dartford and won by 3.5 – 2.0, making the half-point penalty that Dartford conceded for being overgraded irrelevant to the result.

Don Chapman gave us a good start by drawing with a much higher graded player, but all the other games apart from Ian McAllan’s looked bad. However, Gary Sharp held the draw and Dave Helps, who had been a pawn down, equalized and then took advantage of a blunder to win. With Ian McAllan winning the pressure was off Lee Brockwell, who after an up-and-down struggle, accepted a draw offer when both players had less than a minute left.

Ian McAllan