Sidcup 2 v Medway 3, Fuller

Congratulation’s go to Sidcup 2 who had a great win against Medway 3 in their Semi-final match to reach the Final of the Fuller Competition which will be held on the Sunday 13th May at The Mick Jagger Centre Dartford.

They were well out-graded by their opponents who’s total grade rating was 433 against Sidcup’s 392 – a total of 41 grading points higher.

The evening started off very well with Ken Grist (Grade 89) earning a very good win over his opponent Isaac Oluwale (Grade 92) and at one stage each board had winning chances. It looked as if the team would have a 4.0 win then Keith Thompson (Grade 121) lost to Paul Foster (Grade 140) who, after being in a winning position, blundered missing a skewer move on his 2 rooks on move 34. He disheartenedly resigned immediately, being a bishop down and in a losing position.

With the score at 1 point each it meant that Ian Reeve and Leon Hopkins had to come up with at least 1.5 points between them as a 2 all draw was no good to Sidcup since they would lose on board count. Leon (Grade 97 and who has not lost for the Fuller Team this year) managed to keep the team on track with a draw against Doug Smith (Grade 113), retaining his unbeaten run for the team and gaining the half a point.

Then Ian Reeve (Grade 85) playing Barry Hampton (Grade 88), came up with the full point that was needed to ensure the 2.5 to 1.5 win which meant that Sidcup 2 went through to the final against either Beckenham 5 or a strong looking Snodland 2 side from the Mid Kent division.

The match between Snodland 2 and Beckenham 5 will be played on the 24th April at Snodland to see which of these team Sidcup 2 will be meeting in the Final.

Our best wishes go to our 1st team when they meet Snodland 1 in their Semi final on the 4th May.

Fuller – Sidcup v Lewisham Match Report

Sidcup 2 v Lewisham 7

Result 2 – 2 Draw

Not a bad result for the start of the season. Lewisham won their first match of the season, 3-1 against Petts Wood. It will be a tough return match against them.

The results were as follows Sidcup‘s team is in the first column. The figures in the first and last columns are the players gradings:-


Dennis Halton



John Allen



Keith Thompson



Cerden Mincher



Ken Grist



Lomy Mincer



Leon Hopkins



Tom Allen


The evening started well with Keith, who played well to beat Cerden in 20 moves.

Our new player Leon then beat a young and up and coming Tom Allen, so giving us at least a half point.

Both Ken and Dennis took there opponents to the end game and both could not stop their player pawns from getting to the eighth rank and thereby, gaining a queen. Each would have been checkmated a few moves later if they had not resigned.

Special mention should be made of Dennis who fought a hard battle against a player who is much higher graded.

It will be a tough return match against them when they will be looking for a win instead of the draw and we will also be looking to improve.

In the end a draw was a fair result for our first match of the new season, hopefully better things are to come in our next match on the 24th November against Petts Wood.

Keith Thompson