We would love you to come along to our club and see what we’re all about.

The first few visits are free and are really just so that you can get to know the other members to see if we are the kind of club you would enjoy coming to. After that, depending on your circumstances, yearly membership works out at a very reasonable pro-rata rate. Currently, that’s at most £50 for the whole year for normal members, £45 for pensioners and £30 if you are on a lower income. Children can come for free. That makes us (most likely) the cheapest club in the whole area and when you consider that we meet for 51 weeks of the year (most don’t), it’s an incredible bargain.

We do cater for children and beginners but ask that they already understand the basics of the game. In the case of juniors, we request the adult that brings them remains with them for the duration of the club night.

Club nights are on Wednesdays at the address below between 7.30pm and 10pm but you can arrive and leave at any time in between. If you click on the link below, it will bring up a map showing exactly where we are.

If you would like to learn more about the club, please feel free to contact either Lee (our club chairman), or Ian (our club treasurer), for further information. Alternatively, just send us an email. It’s your move :-)

  • Lee Brockwell - 01322 553439
  • Ian McAllan - 020 8302 5560


Hurst Community Centre, Hurst Road, Sidcup, DA5 3LH

Enter the building at the side, follow the corridor to the end and you will see a sign showing where in the building we meet. It is the room at the top of the stairs to the far left.