New Grades 27.01.13

The new six-monthly grades were published yesterday morning. This is the second time the English Chess Federation has issued half-yearly grades for standard-play games, and generally people seem pleased to get the update. Of course, the July 2012 grades are still used for Kent League matches, but the latest grades supercede any estimated grades given at the start of the season. The excellent on-line Grading Database provides details of grades going back to 1994, and details of individual games from 2003.

There are congratulations for Ian McAllan who equalled his highest grade which he achieved in 1996. David Helps goes on improving. He had a grade of 95 back in 2006 and has moved up every year and has now reached 149. Lee Brockwell and Ian Reeve have played enough games to get their first grade. Lee comes in at 110 and Ian at 99. That compares with their estimated grades of 99 and 98 respectively. It makes you want to play more chess doesn’t it!

                Jan '13 July '12
Ian McAllan     176     175
David Helps     149     143
Gary Sharp      137     136
David Gilbert   131     130
Robert Pezet    129     129
Keith Thompson  115     124
Kenneth Smith   113     115
Leon Hopkins    112     107
Lee Brockwell   110       -
Chris Cheeseman  99      99
Ian Reeve        99       -
Dennis Halton    96      99
Peter Houching   95     100
Ken Grist        83      84
John Morris      75      76
Don Chapman      71      72
Phil Broughton   32      32

David Gilbert

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