Tom Fuller Cup News 24.1.13

Sidcup 3 finished with a 2 – 2 draw at Lewisham in their latest Tom Fuller league match. Rather unusually, all four boards ended in draws. After Peter Houching and Chris Cheesman achieved the first 2 draws, hopes for a win were high with David Helps an exchange up on Board 1 and Lee Brockwell looking to have a won game in a knight pawn ending in which he was 3 connected pawns ahead. However, with both suffering time issues, David did the sensible thing and accepted the draw in a very locked down position, only for Lee to blunder a pawn away and then see his opponent make a clever knight sacrifice to remove the other 2 pawns and get the draw.

Whilst it felt like one that slipped away, the result means our final game against Petts Wood at home only requires a draw to reach the next stage.

Lee Brockwell

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