Sidcup V Petts Wood – Tom Fuller – 30.10.15

Sidcup travelled to Petts Wood for their first Tom Fuller fixture on Friday with a team of David Helps, Lee Brockwell, Chris Cheeseman, and Masud Hoque.

Following his confidence building win at Lewisham earlier in the week, David made fairly short work of this test, after his opponent blundered a rook early on.

Masud then managed to win a very sharp game against an improving junior.

Chris then offered his opponent a draw despite having the better position following his usual sacrifice, to try and secure the team win and it was accepted, guaranteeing the team win.

I finally managed to win my game after winning the exchange in the middle game.

Final result Sidcup 3.5 Petts Wood 0.5

Lee Brockwell

Lewisham V Sidcup – En Passant – 28.10.15

The first team went to Lewisham on the 28th Oct for their second fixture in the En Passant league, with a slightly different team to the first match.

Lewisham fielded quite a weak team based on grading, for some reason, so we were heavy favourites on paper. However 3 of their team were estimate grades, and these tend to under estimate the opponent. Anyway despite things not looking at all clear for a long way into the match we came away with a convincing 5.5 to 0.5 win.

Ken Smith got in front on material early on, but then conceded the advantage. However he eventually won convincingly.

David Gilbert and David Helps played solid games and eventually ground out a good wins.
This left Robert, Ian, and Gary.

Robert’s game was very interesting, in that he deliberately allowed his queen to be trapped, but was convinced he’d picked up enough material on the way to that to be in front. I can’t say I agreed with that view and nor did others, however surprisingly Fritz does agree with his view, although the handling of his position from that point had to be played very accurately. Which he did.

However I was convinced that he could have saved his Queen by giving up a piece, and Fritz also agrees with this, and he could have won the game far easier than he did. I’ve attached the game and my analysis comments below. It’s worth a look if only to become familiar with Blacks very odd opening, which despite 3 pawn sacrifices, would have been in front if he’d played the correct move following Robert’s unorthodox QF3.

Ian’s game caused great controversy after his flag fell at the first time check, and neither player had recorded the last moves to know if 35 had been reached. There was also a further dispute about whether the clock was faulty, and the flag had fallen early. In the end Ian refused the offer of a draw and the game was replayed and the missing moves recorded to work out if 35 moves had indeed been played. It turned out that 35 moves had been played and Ian was safe. He then went on to win the game, playing the end game accurately, and making a very late night of it.

Gary eventually agreed a draw to a game which was very locked up by pawns. He had the better position, but unfortunately any way to open things up just played into his opponents hands and equalised the game.

So we now stand as  – played 2, won 1, Lost 1.

Lee Brockwell

Chislehurst V Sidcup – En Passant – 21.10.15

Sidcup’s first team went to Chislehurst on the 21/10/2015 for their first Kent En Passant league match.

This year for the first time, we can field a 6 man team averaging over the grading limit of 140, so my captain’s duties now include the need to select a team rather than just pick the top 6 players automatically.

Robert Pezet shook off the unrecognisable pronouncing of his surname during the team announcements, (which I enjoyed immensely), to produce an early win on board 3. Not sure exactly what the other team captain announced him as, but he’s now down on my team sheet as Robert “the banker” Pezet.

This was followed by a loss on board 4 for David Helps, and a draw on board 1 for Ian McAllan. Making it all square.

Gary Sharp and Ken Smith then lost on boards 2 and 6 respectively.

My game had an interesting finish in which I was well in front, but had to be careful with Queens still on the board in the end game. Both players were very short of time, with my opponent having less than a minute last time I managed a look. Anyway having to play almost instant moves, I played an illegal move, which would have given my opponent another 2 minutes, and possibly a win on time. However when we looked at the clocks to make the adjustment, it was pointed out to us that his flag had already fallen. So I only just won the game on time, in which I was miles in front, (I had 4 pass pawns moving down the board).

Anyway the final result was Chislehurst 3.5 Sidcup 2.5

Thanks to everyone who turned out. Our next match is next week away to Petts Wood.

For anyone interested in following all the leagues and Sidcup teams, this can now be done via

You can see all the current results and tables for the various competitions from there, as they come in. Which is new for this season.

Even seeing each individual match sheet, as results come in. Clearly better than what we have had previously.

Cheers Lee

Harvey – 15.10.15

On Thursday 15th October the Harvey Cup side played its first match of the season drawing 3-3 with Gravesend, last year’s winners.

The match started badly with Sarah Walker-Buckton lost out of the opening against “nemesis” John Fowers and Ian McAllan losing two tempi in the opening as black. However, Chris Cheeseman won a good game and Bob Mitchell converted a favourable opening to also win. Gary Sharp was better throughout his game but could not find a way to convert his advantage and agreed a draw. Lee Brockwell also played soundly and drew. Meanwhile Ian McAllan would have had to defend accurately against a slow king’s side advance, but instead Ian’s opponent gambled on an unsound pawn sacrifice. Ian did not notice the pawn was takeable and was immediately lost.

Ian McAllan

Intro – 14.10.15

On Wednesday 14th October the Intro Cup team played Beckenham & Bromley in its second match of the season and again drew 2-2 with the same two players winning.

Chris Cheeseman blundered a piece early on and did not recover, but Sarah Walker-Buckton won a good game. Ken Smith had a poor opening and was always losing because his queen’s side pawn majority was useless while his opponent,s king’s side pawn majority was dangerous and his opponent had the better minor piece. Masud Hoque played an excellent game, winning material and converting in the ending to draw the match.

Ian McAllan

Intro – 7.9.15

On Wednesday 7th October the Intro Cup team played the first match of the season against Gravesend and drew 2-2.

Two new members, Masud Hoque and Nigel Threadgold, were both playing in their first inter-club match; Masud won by skewering his opponent’s rook against his king with a bishop and Nigel lost in 44 moves. On the top two boards Chris Cheeseman reached a lost rook ending, but Sarah Walker-Buckton saved the day by winning well against her nemesis from last season, John Fowers.

Ian McAllan