Intro – 2.11.16

On 2nd November we played Beckenham and won by 2.5-1.5.  Chris Cheeseman had a good win.
On 9th November we played Eynsford and again won by 2.5-1.5.  Nigel Threadgold and Janis Elton won quite quickly and Masud Hoque was beaten by a significantly stronger player.  Chris Cheeseman appeared to be in difficulties, but continued to fight and eventually accepted an offer of a draw to win the match.
Ian McAllan

21.10.16 – En Passant

Sidcup went to Dartford on Thursday 20th Oct to play their first En Passant of the season against last year’s champions.

Fortunately everybody was available and we were able to field our strongest team against what is always a very strong Dartford team.

Whilst the match ebbed and flowed during the evening, fine winning performances by Ian McAllan, Gary Sharp, David Gilbert, and a draw by Robert Pezet, resulted in a 3.5 – 2.5 win for Sidcup.

After a first rate start our campaign continues with a tricky away match at Gravesend on Monday the 24th.

Lee Brockwell – En Passant Captain

Outstanding Value

Chess at Sidcup remains outstanding value at £50 for 51 three-hour meetings. Even better, pensioners get a £5 discount and anybody whose yearly income is under £12,000 pays only £30. And the most outstanding value is for juniors under 18, who pay nothing at all! Joiners during the year pay pro-rata. This is even better value than the cups of tea or coffee available at 20p per cup.

In the Kent League this season we have four teams of various average strengths: three six-board teams and one four-board team. Members who intend to play in the Kent League should now renew their membership of the English Chess Federation (see the English Chess Federation website for details).

Like last year the club will run its knock-out tournament for all members bar the stronger (“over 120 grade”) players and an all-play-all handicap tournament where the handicap is that the stronger player has less time to make all the moves than the weaker player. Perhaps you will play a game worth showing on the website. If you have items for the website, continue to send them to Steve at

Ian McAllan

New Season

A new season has started and we have entered the Stevenson Cup for the first time in many years with probably the weakest side in the competition. Our first match could not have been tougher, playing the strong Dartford side that has won the Stevenson Cup three times in the last five years and we duly lost 1-5 with Ian McAllan the sole winner.

Ian McAllan

Intro Cup – 12.10.16

Our Intro Cup side played its first match of the season on Wednesday 12th October against Lewisham and won 2.5- 1.5.
Chris Cheeseman finished first with a solid (!!) draw. Masud Hoque playing his first competitive game for 8 months lost. Janis Elton, who had not played a competitive game for years, won by queening a pawn and then mating,and then Nigel Threadgold won his first competitive game ever. This was a really good game where Nigel kept control for a long time, building up the pressure until his opponent cracked in a very difficult position.
Ian McAllan

Who Runs The Club?

The officers of the club elected for the coming year are Lee Brockwell (chairman, 1st team captain and 2nd team captain), Ian McAllan (secretary and treasurer and 3rd team captain), Janis Elton (4th team captain), Steve Moon (webmaster), Dave Helps (marketing) and Cliff Gregory (club tournaments).

For only the second year since 1972 Jack Hollands has not stood for any of these offices, but at the Annual General Meeting he was elected as President of the Club.

Ian McAllan


Unlike many other clubs we will be open throughout the summer.  Mostly we will play off-hand games, but the club championship and the Knight’s tournament (which excludes the top players) will move into top gear as the finishing post in August approaches.  We will also have a team playing in the Kent Summer Quickplay tournament; the games in this  tournament are completed in 30 minutes with the weaker player having more time than the stronger.
Ian McAllan

Tom Fuller Cup Team

We reached the final of the Tom Fuller Cup this year.
In the semi-final against Weald of Kent (based in Cranbrook) we won 3-1.  David Dallakyan’s opponent did not turn up, putting us a point up.  Lee Brockwell had an equal position when his opponent blundered a couple of pawns and then a piece.  Ken Smith won well after a bad opening, but a clean sweep was never quite on after Sarah Walker-Buckton’s unorthodox opening despite a gallant rearguard action.
In the final against Gravesend, David Dallakyan had a quick draw, but with Rob Pezet always looking as if he was going to lose we needed to win the other two games.  Don Chapman did play well, but his good position disappeared when he blundered an exchange and consequently lost.  Lee Brockwell could not make any progress and agreed a draw in a poor position.  Rob’s eventual defeat meant we had lost 3-1.
Ian McAllan

En Passant – 23.3.16

On Wednesday 23rd March the En Passant Cup team played its final match of the season against Dartford. The winner of the match would be in the semi-finals with Dartford having the odds of the draw.

It was a close match. Ian McAllan reached the first time control with a completely drawn ending. Bob Mitchell then lost, but Rob Pezet won with a crushing king hunt. Dave Helps then accepted a draw in a very blocked position leaving the match level with two games to finish. Lee Brockwell had been a good pawn up, but chose the wrong path, while Gary Sharp’s opponent’s unintentional piece sacrifice was good enough for a draw. In time-trouble Gary had to choose between two defences and unfortunately chose wrongly, so Dartford were in the semi-finals. Lee then accepted his opponent’s offer of a draw to make the result a 3.5 – 2.5 win for Dartford.

We did get the second highest number of game points in the division so I think we are an established team in the En Passant Cup now.

Ian McAllan